We’re proud to work with some of the world’s biggest aviation companies on their groundbreaking inventions. These range from satellite components to entire engines on new passenger jets.


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In addition to our experience in this sector, our team applies a unique mindset to generate your custom IP strategy. We learn your business and its specific technologies, internal structure, and market pressures. We build short-term and long-term roadmaps for your portfolio to ensure immediate impact and lasting results. Over time, our efforts lead to strong partnerships that allow for trust and, ultimately, peace of mind.

In a recent matter, D&M partnered with a Fortune 50 organization to patent the world’s largest, most fuel-efficient, and quietest turbofan engine. The engine includes advanced materials such as ceramic matrix composites, additively manufactured fuel nozzles and blades, carbon fiber composite fan blades, and proprietary alloys with advanced coatings.

We’re Aerospace enthusiasts and love questioning the experts behind the technology, in order to provide world-class legal support.

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