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Ampersand am·per·sand / &
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A symbol representing a relationship and connection between teams, ideas, things and people. Communicates collaboration, connectivity and inclusivity.

Reinventing the Way Law Firms Do Business

Since 1984, we’ve worked diligently to disrupt the traditional relationship between outside counsel and in-house teams. We invest in our clients in a proactive and collaborative manner that produces outcome-focused results that set them apart in their respective industries. We are forward thinking, constantly developing new programs or practices that make our clients’ lives easier.

Our effective approach and long-standing relationships with our clients have allowed us to become internationally recognized as a leading IP firm. We serve as trusted business partners, working as an integral part of our clients’ teams, delivering outcome-focused, efficient, and innovative solutions for organizations around the world.

Our Priorities

Business Knowledge

We are committed to understanding your business and technologies, inside and out. Your priorities, preferences, experiences, and opinions matter to us. We work with your team to blend these elements with our approach, expertise, and competitive intelligence to offer practical recommendations and actionable advice that will advance your organization.


Quality should be considered table stakes in IP services but, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. D&M believes quality is the foundation of building a trustful partnership. This belief has been part of our value system since the founding of the firm. Julian Dority, one of our founders, could oftentimes be overheard encouraging new associates and colleagues with one of his famous phrases, “to best serve our clients, we must provide good quality work, on time, and for a good price.” As our practice grows more sophisticated and we strive to offer the best service to our clients, these foundational values remain a focus for D&M.


Whether you work with a start-up, university, or fortune 10 corporation, chances are your organization has unique challenges. D&M’s client-centric model is built for flexibility and customization to meet your varied (and sometimes changing) needs and priorities. Our teams are built around client “pods”, allowing a dedicated team of resources to deliver consistent results that exceed expectations.

Our Founders

Julian W. Dority (1935 – 2023)

Julian had experience in virtually all facets of intellectual property law and practice. Julian wrote and prosecuted approximately 1,000 patent applications and gave several hundred formal legal opinions regarding infringement, validity, and enforceability of patents. Towards the end of his career, much of Julian’s practice was devoted to appearing in patent litigations as an expert witness on patent law issues.

Wellington M. Manning (1936-2017)

A chemical engineer by trade, Manning’s keen interest in law led him to law school at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Manning supported his family while attending law school by working at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Manning returned to South Carolina and, after a brief time working as a patent attorney for a large corporation, he started D&M with long-time friend Julian Dority in 1984.

Our Clients

From start-up ventures to multinational, Fortune 500 corporations and from individuals to universities, our clients are diverse. Regardless of size, we develop strategies tailored to exceed the expectations of each of our clients. This approach enables D&M to foster mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships.

Find an IP professional and see what makes Dority & Manning different.

D&M’s full-service team is equipped to protect IP and maximize its value for clients. We combine your expertise with ours to build successful IP strategies and to create a strong unit built on trust.