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Strategic Patent Portfolio Management

Patent prosecution services shouldn’t be transactional. To us, they’re an integrated part of a successful, strategic, long-term partnership.

Proactive Patent Services

Dority & Manning is a team of highly skilled IP professionals who are experts in law and technology. Our true value, however, is rooted in how we solve problems for our clients. Our approach is proactive – we merge our deep industry knowledge with our understanding of your organization to construct or accelerate impactful patent strategies.

D&M crafts services specifically for your organization’s unique challenges. We do not have a playbook. Instead, our collaborative professionals roll up their sleeves and get to work as an extension of your team, providing strategic counseling informed by your strategy, allowing you to stay ahead of challenges within the competitive, global IP landscape.

As part of our integrated patent prosecution services, we conduct strategic evaluations (e.g., analyzing assets, identifying gaps, and uncovering business opportunities) and reveal creative ways to address IP challenges. Strategic counsel doesn’t appear as a line item on a bill; instead, it’s the cardinal mentality that our IP professionals are guided by, which delivers optimum results for our clients.

Our diverse team partners with organizations of all sizes and strategies, from universities, to newly formed start-ups, to Fortune 10 enterprises, and everything in between. 

Anticipating tomorrow’s challenges, today

Planning for the future requires subject-matter experts who understand where your industry has been, where it is now, and where it’s headed. 

Strong Patent Portfolios

Successful patent prosecution often requires understanding complex or nuanced technologies. We have a strong bench of scientists and engineers who enjoy diving deep to understand your innovations. Our clients represent industries from pharmaceuticals and life sciences to machine learning and quantum computing, and everything in between.

Combining Your Expertise with Ours

We combine your expertise with ours to build successful IP strategies, and to create a strong unit built on trust. Consistency is key: our familiar teams and reliable services foster confidence and peace of mind for our clients. 

Our patent services include:

  • Patent prosecution & strategic counseling
  • Global portfolio management
  • Opinions
  • IP audits
  • IP licensing, transactions & due diligence
  • USPTO trials and post-grant proceedings

Find an IP professional and see what makes Dority & Manning different.

D&M’s full-service team is equipped to protect IP and maximize its value for clients. We combine your expertise with ours to build successful IP strategies and to create a strong unit built on trust.