Autonomous Vehicles

From sensors that capture surroundings to the AI-based software that processes the data, D&M has a deep understanding and years of experience working with autonomous vehicle technologies. 

Autonomous Vehicles  

Our clients include innovators that create proprietary platforms becoming widely adopted within the market. 

We work hard to develop prosecution strategies that give our clients protection against potential threats such as competitors, non-practicing entities, and standard-essential patent holders.

Value-add is our standard

What most firms would consider “value-add”, we consider standard. We aim to exceed expectations in all facets and offer clear value. 

This includes spending significant time learning your business goals, technology, and patent strategy as well as those of your competitors. We do not use a playbook, so our services and your outcomes are uniquely crafted to your needs.

Our expertise

  • AI/Machine Learning (ML)
  • Battery systems & storage
  • Complex hardware
  • Control systems
  • Data security & encryption
  • Diagnostics
  • Lidar/radar
  • Optics
  • Overlapping technologies
  • Safety devices & systems
  • Sensors components

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