Wearable Devices

With increasing demands for wearable devices, D&M helps clients identify gaps in the marketplace to become pioneers of their own industry.

Wearable Devices

The rise of wearable technology is projected to expand with increasing consumer demand and novel devices disrupting industries across the board. 

From fitness trackers and bands to medical devices and beyond, our team stays on top of global market trends and is prepared to help you develop, protect, and commercialize your wearable technology. We apply our technical expertise to provide long-term IP solutions and help clients effectively overcome challenges such as short product life cycles and high volume market entrants. 

Our attorneys double as software, hardware, and Internet of Things (IoT) experts who know how to maximize the protection of your innovations in this rapidly growing industry. We are committed to helping you find commercial success for your wearable technology.

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Our expertise

  • Connected apparel & accessories
  • Fitness trackers
  • Gaming/AR
  • Medical devices

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