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Derion F. Reid, Ph.D.

Patent Agent

Derion F. Reid, Ph.D.

Patent Agent

(864) 271-1592

Licensed to practice in:

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Representative Practice Areas:

  • Derion drafts and prosecutes patent applications in the chemical, biochemical, and biomedical arts.
  • Derion interfaces with international law firms to manage and direct prosecution of patent applications globally.


  • Derion received his Ph.D. in Chemical Biology from Northeastern University. His research focused on characterizing oncogenic mutations using computational and biochemical techniques. Derion has authored scientific publications in the fields of chemical biology, cell biology, and molecular biology.
  • Prior to joining Dority & Manning, Derion was a Patent Technology Specialist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Inc in Boston, MA. Derion also has experience working at a biotech startup.

Professional Background:

  • Education: Winthrop University (B.S., Chemistry, 2014); Northeastern University (Ph.D., 2019).
  • Professional and Community Activities: Clarity: The Speech, Hearing, and Learning Center (Board Member); Boston Patent Law Association.
  • Achievements and Honors: Graduate Education for Minorites (GEM) Fellow; Northeastern University Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient; President, Northeastern University Chemistry Graduate Student Association; Ronald E. McNair Scholar.
  • Publications:
    • Reid, D. and Mattos, C., Cancer Therapy through a Structural Biology Perspective. Unraveling Cancer Signaling Pathways: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Springer, 2019.
    • Johnson, C.W., Lin, Y.J., Reid, D., Parker, J., Pavlopoulos, S., Steensma, M., Haigis, K.M., and Mattos, C., Isoform-Specific Destabilization of the Active Site Reveals a Molecular Mechanism of Intrinsic Activation of KRas G13D.  Cell Reports, 28 (6), 1538-1550 (2019).
    • *Reid, D., *Johnson, C.W., Parker, J.A., Salter, S., Knihtila, R., Kuzmic, P., and Mattos, C. The small GTPases K-Ras, N-Ras and H-Ras have distinct biochemical properties determined by allosteric effects.  Journal of Biological Chemistry, 292 (31), 12981-12993 (2017). *co-first authors.
    • Sumter, T.F., Xian, L., Huso, T., Koo, M., Chang, Y.T., Almasri, T.N., Inglis, C., Reid, D., and Resar, L.M.S. The High Mobility Group A1 (HMGA1) Transcriptome in Cancer & Development. Curr. Mol. Med., 16 (4), 353-393 (2016).