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Dority & Manning Celebrates 30-Year Partnership with Clemson Co-op Program

[Clemson, SC; January 1, 2024]

Dority & Manning is excited to announce its 30-year partnership with Clemson University’s Cooperative Education Program (Co-op Program). For decades, Dority has welcomed talented students from the community to join us for semesters at a time, providing them with hands-on learning experiences and insights into the field of Intellectual Property. Co-op students are paired with Dority attorney mentors, who work closely with them, serving as advisors and advocates as the students navigate the field of IP.

A successful program for Clemson and the Firm, 80% of Dority Co-op students accept full-time patent agent roles upon graduation, and many also go on to law school to become IP attorneys. Dority is invested in Clemson’s Co-op program and is thrilled to continue helping local students navigate their career journeys into the field of IP.

About Clemson’s Co-op Program
Clemson University’s Co-op Program provides undergraduate students with a structured academic engaged-learning experience. With a rich history spanning over 100 years, the program has grown in scope and currently has over 1,000 students actively participating in this hands-on learning approach.

To learn more about Clemson University and its Co-op Program, visit https://career.sites.clemson.edu/cooperative_education/

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